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Take a Stroll in High Hampton’s Historic Dahlia Gardens

February 2nd, 2011 by Staff

dahlia-from-high-hampton-dahlia-garden_inga-swett High Hampton Inn’s beautiful historic Dahlia Garden comprises almost an acre of colorful blooms.  They were first planted more than 100 years ago by Caroline Halsted, a niece of General Wade Hampton, the original owner of the High Hampton property.  She was the wife of Dr. William Halsted, the internationally-acclaimed first Chief of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University and the second owner of High Hampton.  The garden displays many pure colors and variegated blossoms that bloom in late summer and early fall.  Guests of the Inn are invited to cut blooms to display in their rooms for a beautiful splash of color or to take home with them upon departure.

To take some of the High Hampton spirit home with you, plant your own dahlia garden.  The beautiful colors of the flowers will take you back to the Inn every time you see them.


How to Plant a Dahlia Garden:

  1. Select a planting location that receives full sun. It’s very important to wait until after the last frost to plant your bulb.
  2. Add organic compost to the soil prior to planting. The compost should be worked into the existing soil to a depth of 18 inches. Dahlias grow quickly and require excellent growing conditions to perform at their best.
  3. Dig a large planting hole that is at least twice as deep as the length of the dahlia tuber, deeper if possible and equally as wide. Add a tablespoon of super-phosphate fertilizer to the bottom of each planting hole. The fertilizer will provide the nutrients necessary to develop root growth.
  4. Place the tuber in the bottom of the hole and fill in the soil only to the top of the stem. The hole should remain partially filled with just the top of the stem sticking up until you begin to see growth.
  5. Fill in the hole gradually to cover the new growth as the tuber begins to grow. Covering the stem inch by inch as it grows causes the stem to grow strong so that it will support the flowers.
  6. Begin watering when the plants are actively growing above ground. Water deeply to encourage strong roots.

Summer Programs for the Children

February 2nd, 2011 by Staff

tennis-kids A southern interpretation of the famous great camps of the Adirondacks, High Hampton Inn specializes in creating summertime memories with a focus on family and nature. The resort brings these two elements closer together in a magnificent mountain setting at 3,600 feet-above-sea-level where the cool breezes temper summer’s swelter.

The summer children’s programs will keep the little ones entertained for hours on end from June 1 – September 1. Daytime activities include hiking, kayaking, volleyball, arts and crafts, donkey cart rides, and tennis and golf clinics. At night, costume parties, hayrides, pajama nights, twilight swims, dance parties, talent shows and movie nights will keep youngsters. Special themed events include the High Hampton Olympics, which provide the perfect opportunity to show off skills in swimming, potato sack, egg and spoon, and three-legged racing.

Our teen guests haven’t been forgotten. Youth at High Hampton is a special program for guests ages 10-15.  Held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the summer, this program engages teens with activities such as nature hikes, twilight tennis, ping pong tournaments, geocaching and kayaking. Bonfires, Frisbee golf, volleyball and games will build lasting friendships. Other exciting events include off-site trips to Little Sliding Rock where they will be able to slide on the natural rock water slide, swim in the river, and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Plan your family vacation at High Hampton Inn this year and give your children a summer they’ll never forget.

Teddy Bear Picnic Brings Smiles To Young And Old

February 2nd, 2011 by Staff

Did you know that the teddy bear is named in honor of our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, because he wouldn’t shoot a baby bear during a hunting expedition? To celebrate this favorite childhood toy, High Hampton Inn will host its 25th annual Teddy Bear Picnic on July 7th, 2011.

The Teddy Bear Picnic is a birthday celebration honoring the Inn’s famous mascot, Hampton Bear. The day begins with a teddy bear themed breakfast and doesn’t end until bedtime.  Children and parents are encouraged to bring their favorite teddies and enter them into the various contests that will be held throughout the day.

Prizes are awarded for the Best Dressed Bear, the Beary Oldest Bear, the Most Appealing Wee Bear, the Most Interesting Big Bear, the Most Awesome Bear, the Most Overall Huggable Bear, and the Hampton Bear Award.  Hampton Bear will also lead the children on a Treasure Bear Hunt and teach them about the history of the teddy bear.  At the end of the day, parents and children can bond over a picnic-style supper followed by games and more entertainment.

The Teddy Bear Picnic is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get their children outside and playing.  The Inn’s mountainous, sprawling 1,400-acre estate takes guests back to nature, to a place where family bonding and outdoor activities have precedence over technology. Reminiscent of earlier times, the rooms in the Inn and cottages have no televisions or phones, allowing guests to unplug from their stressful technology-filled lives.

Book your trip to High Hampton Inn and experience this annual tradition for yourself. Your children will love it.